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Scale Your Brand / Local Business Faster Than Ever | Best Ingredients for making successful BRAND

How easy is to create a new dominant brand based on its disruptive nature?

" What are the critical factors that are fueling the rapid scaling of consumer brands in marketplace eco-system? " Ever since digital "ecosystem" emergence, Marketers very well knows that a dominant brand takes years altogether to establish and diversify. Only very recently, They realized that times are rapidly changing and scaling accomplished ' Brand ' quite fast ! Looking for new ideas for your 2018 marketing plan, 
but aren’t sure what to try? or Increase Acquisition & Revenue for Your Brand ?
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Brands are speaking to consumers.

Rather than listening to brand communication, consumers have created a sharing economy--sharing their opinions, and speaking out to companies.
Customers drive Brandscalability, not businesses. Amplifying and highlighting positive customer feedback is more effective inbrand building exercises other than pushin…

Why multi-channel digital marketing, is the top priority for brand / Local Business today?

“ Multi-channel marketing is the implementation of a single strategy across multiple interfaces of engagement, resulting in maximized opportunities for potential customer interaction ”Consistent brand message as well as consistent quality of content, service, and customer experience across all engagement point is the essential factors of your brand success. prospective customers should get a brand familiarity at every turn of the sales funnel to build a trustworthy brand engagement. Today it is viable to engage with low budget allocation yet you can implement multi-channel digital marketing strategies.

The right ingredients for content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is creating, publishing and promoting branded content to engage your target customers through awareness, engagement and loyalty.
Marketing activities become scattered and unfocused when it run without an effective strategy for engagement, be it digital or conventional mediums.

Determine the goals foreffective content…

Leverage Your Content Marketing Strategy and Secure the best Online Visibility in 2018

Leverage Your Content Marketing Strategy and secure the best Online Visibility.

Marketing starts before there is a product.
Marketing is the homework the company does to figure out what people need and what the company should deliver

Since the emergence of Growth hacking, it has spawned an abundance of myths.
Some of those myths have fueled the objections of misinformed observers, leading to critiques of growth hacking.So to say it is more-than demand generation. However, growth is the responsibility of a true marketer.

Growth hacking addresses marketing goals but it’s not only driven by marketing strategy, but from design to engineering to user engagement. Sustainable growth has to be built on a data-centric strategy that position product / service and user experiences first.
The ability to overlap and push for compelling creatives, measurable ways to accomplish the growth, by blending core deliverables of marketing team and the sales team and the product management team.
How to di…

Beyond what meets the eye | Sustainable Brand Development | Effective Brand Strategy

Beyond what meets the eye.
Let's observe the Tip of The Ice berg and what is underneath..?
How Visual System is defining the surface of the eco-system?
What is successful brand strategy that define the credentials of Brand?
All these aspects in the context of Digital Content and Marketing by the best mobile strategist

Marketers who understand emerging search trends and optimised ranking delivery, have the advantage in the online digital enabler space.

66% of marketers say, improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top Digital Marketing priority of 2018.
People are taking search personally and this year, incremental volume of refinement will reshape the whole social media eco-system.
To keep the momentum, Digital Marketing agencies and Marketing Strategists must broaden their Search Engine Optimisation and Broaden UX (user experience) skill set with a focus on linear approach that accelerate the overall user experience. Refined focus on UX (user experience) across t…

EduTECH India | Educational - Technology Fair - India | UILOCATE | Project Listing

Countdown for Event launch  ( May 2018 Event )

EduTECH Fair 2018 | Educational-Technolog fair | Event | India

Kochi will host the “Education Technolgy Fair 2018. Education Technology Fair event will curate 100+ leading education and technology companies who will present experiential and innovative products and solutions.

Dynamic Web Development  |  Effective Mobile BrandingBRAND SEO  |   BEST BRAND STRATEGY

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Integrated Customer Experience Strategy will redefine your Brand's Success in 2018

Organizational Success Starts With An Integrated CustomerExperience Strategy

Organisations / Brands worldwide are investing a great deal of efforts, time and budget into optimising their customer experience. Customer interaction with a business now involves various touch-points in eco-system thrives on Digital Era, hence Customer experience is an emotional concept.

The best way to integrate fruitful customer experience into every facet of the Local Business / Brand's day-to-day operations, business entities should have a strategy with following points,

     (i)   Define customer experience
     (ii)  Map the customer journey
     (iii) Connect the journey with the experience

It is important to define customer experience in measurable terms – as a composite of different variables (touch points) that impact the Brand Strategy. These measurable targets should become a key part of the focus objectivity, such as customer retention.

What sets brand apart ?
Digital disruptions have change…

Do you want your Local Business / Brand to Succeed with an improved Online Visibility ?

Begin 2018 with this Question, Do you want your Local Business / Brand to succeed ?  following these tech aspects will reward the digital marketing and brand strategy initiatives of your brand, and be a winner. For any Digital Marketing Strategist, the goal is to achieve, maintain engagement and generate high volume traffic to a brand / local business website. This is achieved through securing top position on Search Engine Result Page ( SERP ). The daily challenge to a Digital Strategist is to secure this top spot and undiluted traffic to domain (website) to secure high ranking.
How to make your content be relevant and comprehensive throughout this year? ( you certainly need to consider this aspect, since latest Algorithm is certainly going to impact how the Search Engine Results are presented to each query ?)

Smartphones dominate the search landscape and more and more content browsing is occurring on mobile devices while on the go. In fact, the amount of people using smartphones