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Countdown for Event launch  ( May 2018 Event )

EduTECH Fair 2018 | Educational-Technolog fair | Event | India

Kochi will host the “Education Technolgy Fair 2018. Education Technology Fair event will curate 100+ leading education and technology companies who will present experiential and innovative products and solutions.

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Integrated Customer Experience Strategy will redefine your Brand's Success in 2018

Organizational Success Starts With An Integrated CustomerExperience Strategy

Organisations / Brands worldwide are investing a great deal of efforts, time and budget into optimising their customer experience. Customer interaction with a business now involves various touch-points in eco-system thrives on Digital Era, hence Customer experience is an emotional concept.

The best way to integrate fruitful customer experience into every facet of the Local Business / Brand's day-to-day operations, business entities should have a strategy with following points,

     (i)   Define customer experience
     (ii)  Map the customer journey
     (iii) Connect the journey with the experience

It is important to define customer experience in measurable terms – as a composite of different variables (touch points) that impact the Brand Strategy. These measurable targets should become a key part of the focus objectivity, such as customer retention.

What sets brand apart ?
Digital disruptions have change…

Do you want your Local Business / Brand to Succeed with an improved Online Visibility ?

Begin 2018 with this Question, Do you want your Local Business / Brand to succeed ?  following these tech aspects will reward the digital marketing and brand strategy initiatives of your brand, and be a winner. For any Digital Marketing Strategist, the goal is to achieve, maintain engagement and generate high volume traffic to a brand / local business website. This is achieved through securing top position on Search Engine Result Page ( SERP ). The daily challenge to a Digital Strategist is to secure this top spot and undiluted traffic to domain (website) to secure high ranking.
How to make your content be relevant and comprehensive throughout this year? ( you certainly need to consider this aspect, since latest Algorithm is certainly going to impact how the Search Engine Results are presented to each query ?)

Smartphones dominate the search landscape and more and more content browsing is occurring on mobile devices while on the go. In fact, the amount of people using smartphones

Mobile-First strategy for your Brand and Local Business in 2018

New year Greetings.

Search is Local and  your business / brand must consider a very focused digital strategy for 2018.
Search engines still dominate local search at 80 percent usage, compared to 48 percent for social networks, having said that your brand should adapt a rewarding Mobile strategy for search engine and social media in-order to achieve a better brand visibility for the mobile first users.
Your website is the center of your digital marketing exercises — the place that all digital mediums converge. And of course, the largest of its traffic sources is generally organic search. ( Micro Moments are more more increasing and Best is considered a more desired search term ie, Best Mobile Strategy in Cochin)

Website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation ) is fundamental to succeeding online for the majority of local businesses. And the same concepts that fuel focused SEO practices help with regular content updation,social promotion, blogs and all other inbound marketing efforts during f…

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Brands must have a digital strategy for adapting content experiences for mobile devices.
The sustainable branding exercise is integral with the exponential use of smart phones and devices, which are at the center of our day to day life, Each day, 68% of smartphone users check their mobile devices within 15 minutes of waking up. People use their mobile phones to catch up with friends and family, social media updation, skim a news article, or watch a video.
This present us the amazing possibility of Micro-Moments in Digitaleco-system.
3 in 4 smartphone owners turn to mobile search first to address their immediate needs, resulting in rising expectations for "right now" terms which resulted in "Near me"
searches grew more than 130%YoY.
76% of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby, visit a local business within a day.
17% of consumers used a social network content when looking for information about local businesses ( Google Local Business and Bing P…

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Measurement strategy - Travel | UILOCATE | KOCHI, KERALA, INDIA.

Travelers strong desire for memorable experiences and deeper engagement are growing day by day.
Sixty-nine percent of travelers are more loyal to a travel company that personalizes their experiences online and offline.
To deliver a cohesive experience across multiple channels and media, marketers need to think out of the box.

Know the role that mobile plays in a customer’s journey

an increase of 9% in completion of online booking by mobile travelers to 2017, resulting in reaching 79%.  The ability to measure how mobile influences the customer journey is critical.
Travel companies that closely measure the impact of mobile and Multi-device engagement will be able to improve their marketing strategies.

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 Redefine mobile action or micro-conversion for your Travel business with UILOCATE

micro-conversions, such as calls, brochure downloads, or email sign-ups, e-newsletter subs…

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Countdown for APP launch  ( January 2018 Product Launch )

Hotel Stay India  | Hospitality Industry | Hotel | Resort | Home-stay | India

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